Promoting your Certification

Promote your certification and benefit from enhanced customer confidence in your system.

TQCSI’s logo and certification marks are recognised worldwide.
No matter which program you are certified for, take advantage of the worldwide acknowledgment of third party certified systems to promote your business.
Promote your certification and benefit from enhanced customer confidence.

Your Certification

You can promote your certification using the following examples of Certification Marks:


Email your local TQCSI office to receive your Company’s personalised Certification Mark(s).

Promotional material is available through TQCSI, or you may create your own promotional material displaying your Certification Mark.


How to Display Your Certification Mark


You may display your Certification Mark on any or all of your Company’s promotional material as long as you do not infer your products are certified; it is your management system which has been certified (see TQCSI Rules of Certification).

Always include a description of your certification and, wherever possible, include your Registration Number and the Standard.

E-Certificates and Website Links

Electronic Certificates (E-Certificates) are displayed on the TQCSI website ( listed under Certified Organisations. You may link your own website to TQCSI’s site and/or link directly to your E-Certificate.

TQCSI Pantone Colours

Blue (Pantone PMS 285) for all writing and the outline of the world; the tick should be red (Pantone PMS 485) for quality and food safety, green (Pantone Green) for environmental and QHSE, and orange (Pantone 021) for OHS. However, to save on printing costs, we allow the same colour to be used as your Company colour in mono colour documents; other different colours are not allowed.

Small Business Quality Management Codes

The Small Business Quality Management Code is a standard to be used as a guide for businesses who are implementing a management system. The Code may be tailored for quality, environment, safety or food safety. The Code is not intended as a replacement for the ISO Standards. Rather, it is based on the international Standards and is designed to fill a void for those smaller businesses who have no current requirement for ISO 9000/14001/etc, or who do not have the resources to implement and maintain it. However, as businesses grow, the Code is designed to be easily developed into addressing the full ISO Standard.

The Code has been further developed for individual industries on a needs basis determined by industry itself. In particular, the HACCP Code has been specifically prepared for the food industry in response to growing demands by consumers for verification of the safety of the food they consume. The Code is aimed primarily at small businesses such as food producers, food processors, distributors of food or beverage, restaurants, cafes, hotels, bars and other food and beverage retail outlets.


A simple, easily managed food safety program which incorporates HACCP and meets all legislative requirements. Can be used by any business in the food industry.


TQCSI's QHSE Code is the first recognised, publicly available standard incorporating quality, health & safety and environmental management system requirements.

Primarily developed for businesses to satisfy pre-qualification requirements of government agencies and major customers (such as the E&P Forum), the Code is based on and complements the international standards for quality (ISO 9001), health & safety (OHSAS 18001) and the environment (ISO 14001).

THE QHSE Code was developed after consultation with many industry experts throughout the world and has been translated into various Asian languages.

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